What is a Mobile Laser Nail Service

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We have designed our mobile laser nail service to help doctors who do not own  a laser to treat ugly, unsightly nails. Our experienced technicians have successfully treated hundreds of patients over the past 7 years.

You can get started using our mobile laser service to build the demand in your practice for laser nail treatment before deciding if you want to purchase a laser system from us or continue with a mobile service.

Advantages to You…

  • No out-of-pocket equipment cost.
  • No lease payments.
  • No long-term or complex contracts.
  • No mandatory patient minimums.
  • Keep your patient in your practice vs referring out to someone else.
  • Generate positive cash flow from Day 1.
We will supply you with everything you need to get started.
  • Posters for your lobby and treatment rooms to create a warm interest from within your current practice.
  • Tri-fold brochure for patients: Display the brochures in your waiting room and provide them to patients.
  • Press release and letter to area physicians templates to get the word out about your laser service offering.
  • Post Treatment Care Instructions provided.
What you supply.
  • You provide patients
  • Have the patient remove any nail polish, lacquers, or creams 2-days prior to treatment
    • It is essential to remove nail polish 2 days before laser treatment to allow the discoloration caused by the polish to dissipate and see the real nail color.
  • You debride, as necessary, to 1-2mm thickness for best results.
    • Debridement can be done 1 week prior to treatment or day of treatment.
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Day of Treatment
  • The Tech arrives wth the laser
  • The Tech assists the doctor in applying the laser.
  • Treatments last under 15 minutes for both feet.
  • Schedule patients every 15

You Choose a treatment plan:

Per patient (All 10 toes) – OR – Per toe (price is $100 per toe but capped at the price per patient rate). All patients receive 2 (two) laser applications for the service fee.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Our Mobile Service