We carry NEW or USED Class IV Continuous Wave (CW) and Class 3b Lasers.

Most therapy lasers marketed in the US are CW pulsed type. They produce a fixed level of power during the emission time. Most continuous lasers can be made to flash a number of times per second to simulate pulse-like rhythms by interrupting the flow of light much like rapidly turning on and off a light switch. This feature is more appropriately termed a “modulated,” “CW pulsed,” or “chopped” emission so that it is not confused with actual superpulsed laser technologies.

Which Laser Should I Buy?

Your choice of lasers for therapy should be based on the actual needs of your clinical practice in concert with the types of patients and conditions you typically treat. You shouldn’t buy “more” laser than you actually need, but you should be certain that your purchase would provide optimum treatment outcomes both for you and your patients. All of our lasers provide therapy for pain, inflammation and arthritis.

Continuous Wave Lasers

The Diowave Series lasers are Continuous Wave (CW) pulsed lasers delivering biostimulation therapy. The high average power effectively and quickly treats large areas, making these lasers well suited for high-demand biostimulation therapy in a clinical setting.