class 4 lasers for acute and chronic injuries

New and Used Class 4 Lasers 

Class 4 lasers treat your patients for acute and chronic injuries with rapid results! We are the low price leaders of high quality, durable therapeutic lasers. Visit or FAQ about laser therapy.

How Class 4 Lasers Benefit Your Patients.

Adding a Class 4 laser to your practice will help your patients recover faster from any injury. Laser therapy accelerates the natural healing process to provide your patients with immediate results. See How Lasers Work for a detailed description of the biological effects of laser therapy.

How Class 4 Lasers Benefit Your Practice.

Many clinicians are looking to differentiate their practice by adding new modalities. Patients are looking for high tech and alternative treatments to give them rapid relief. Class 4 laser therapy is one way to add a natural alternative to medications or injections while differentiating your practice. When patients experience the results they want, they recommend their family and friends through word of mouth advertising which benefits you.  In addition, we offer a turn-key marketing solution to augment your word-of-mouth advertising and also provide ongoing clinical support so you are not alone. We train you how to use your laser and how to get the optimal results.

When Do You Use a Laser?

Any medical specialty can use a laser in their practice:

If your patients have pain and or inflammation, and or tissue injury, they qualify for laser therapy. See our list of clinical conditions for examples of all the uses for laser treatment.

Should You Charge Cash or Bill Insurance?

You can bill insurance for laser treatments but as you know, reimbursements rates usually decrease. Charging cash is a better option and adds to your bottom line. Create affordable treatment bundle options for your patients to choose from. They can always renew once their sessions are completed.

Which is the right laser for YOUR needs?

We carry new and used lasers for any budget and want to provide you with the right laser that fits your practice needs. Based upon your typical patient and treatment goals, we will recommend which is right for your patients and your treatment goals. Contact us to discuss which laser is best for your practice.